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Our chapter is a great supporter of the Overseas Coupon Program.

In 2012 as the opportunity to welcome home returning troops from overseas ended at DFW Airport, the Overseas (Grocery) Coupon Effort began as a way of continuing grass root support of service members and their families.   Initially the chapter sent as many coupons as possible to the Incirlik Turkey NATO base.  Our enthusiasm soon out paced their needs after which the Chapter began rotating boxes of coupons to one Army, Navy and Air Force base a month throughout Europe and Asia.


Overseas coupons are valid for 6 months past the printed expiration date.  Any coupon for goods typically found in the PX and/or Commissary that are current or only expired 2 months are eligible for inclusion in packages.


Qualifying coupons should be brought to chapter meetings.  When the Chapter does not have a general membership meeting, coupons should be mailed to Debby Allbach, 1116 Carousel Drive Bedford, TX. 76021-3377.






















Note: 2016 forward number coupons sent is an estimate.

Note: 2020 January-August

Running Totals of Coupons Sent by the Chapter

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