President's Greeting

I hope that you have had an enjoyable summer.  In September we will reinstate our bi-monthly meetings.  Once again, we will have a Saturday Luncheon.  In the recent survey, there was an even split between those who preferred a weekend luncheon, and those who preferred a weekday dinner.  So, to accommodate our several members who are unable to drive at night, we will once again hold a Saturday luncheon.  In November and December, we will revert to back to the Wednesday dinner format. Details on the luncheon are explained later in this newsletter. A thank you to all of you who responded to the survey.

Once again, our chapter has been awarded the 5-Star Level of Excellence award by MOAA National (for 2021). This is our 17th such award since our first award in 2001. This is all due to the hard work you do supporting military issues and causes in the community.  A big portion of this is grassroots advocacy, at the local, state, and national level.  Continue to send those letters to congress to support veterans’ legislation.  Another major portion of the award criteria is community engagement, support of JROTC programs, and scholarship initiative.  So, please continue to bring popular items to the meetings so that we can raffle them.  This is how we raise a majority of our scholarship money.

Finally, I ask for your help.  Being that this is my second three-year term as President of the Chapter, I am no longer able to serve as the President due to our bylaws.  Doug Brown and I have served as the Chapter President for the past 12 years.  Additionally, Doug Allbach will be stepping down as the Secretary (which he has been for over 13 years), and Debby Allbach will be stepping down as the Surviving Spouse Liaison.  Luckily, our VP for Programs, VP for Membership, VP Legislative Liaison, Treasurer, Scholarship Chair, and Newsletter Editor have agreed to stay on another year in those positions. We need to pass the leadership on to new blood, rather than relying on the same 10 individuals who have carried the chapter duties over the past 12 years or so.   So, we urgently need you to step up to fill the President, Secretary, and Surviving Spouse Liaison positions. Elections are in November.  So, in you are interested in any of these positions, please contact the incumbent to get the details on the duties of each position.  You can find the email addresses at: we are unable to fill the President and Secretary positions, we may be forced to deactivate the chapter and roll into the Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters.  So, please step up to the plate and volunteer for one of these positions.

5 Star Excellence



















4 Star Excellence



Next Dinner Meeting

We will hold our next lunch meeting on Saturday, September 10 at Noon, at the Saltgrass Steakhouse in Lewisville.  Details are in the Newsletter link link to the right of this column.  

We now have chapter challenge coins for sale for $10 a piece.


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