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In addition to the suggested committees, councils are highly encouraged to have a personal affairs officer position.


This individual should:

• function as a point of contact regarding chapter counterparts;

• coordinate directly with the benefit and financial experts in MOAA’s Transition Center (beninfo@;

• be a source of solutions to questions or problems about issues, including military rights and privileges, survivor benefits and entitlements, etcetera; and

• attend the Personal Affairs Webinar or view the current archived edition and resource list on MOAA’s Web Base. To assist a council’s personal affairs officer, MOAA’s Member Service Center will provide as a resource library, upon request, a copy of each of its booklets, publications, fact sheets, and other appropriate materials. (See the appendix.) The following sources of information are available:

• the News Exchange email newsletter (available 1 2 MOAA COUNCIL GUIDANCE at provides information on everything from second-career and personal finance advice to legislative issues affecting you and your family;

• online assistance for personal affairs issues (at, click on Pay and Benefits under Access Member Benefits); and

• other personal affairs resources and information in the chapters section at For more details or to order publications, call (800) 234-MOAA (6622) or email

In 2012 the North DFW Military Officers Association Board of Directors established a process to recognize the memory of members and spouses who passed away.  In lieu of flowers, a donation from the chapter's general operating fund is mad to the chapter's Scholarship Fund as a tribute to their memory.

Links to Area Military Casualty Assistance Offices:

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