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The Surviving Spouse Virtual Chapter purpose is to provide:

  • A national forum for surviving spouses of uniformed services officers

  • A common space to communicate with each other

  • Information about concerns pertinent to each of us and our families

  • A platform to advocate for protection of rights for our members and our dependents

  • Provide information and exchange ideas

  • Find solutions to problems or issues affecting surviving spouses

  • Be a resource for surviving spouses

  • Reach out to younger surviving spouses and to those living where

  • Be an enhancement to regular chapters—the virtual chapter does not take the place of a regular MOAA chapter

  • MOAA’s board of directors chartered this virtual chapter March 5, 2018. The Surviving Spouse Virtual Chapter is an “affinity group,” with members who can share information in a virtual environment with colleagues seeking to work together as each adjust to a new life. 


Surviving spouses have access at no charge to a virtual network that meets via a phone conference quarterly. The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 1 pm EDT.  Go to the MOAA Surviving Spouses link to sign up.

The current membership stands at 127 from 28 states, the American Virgin Islands & an APO!


There is a Surviving Spouse FaceBook page. Follow the activity on the site which has been renamed “MOAA Surviving Spouse and Friends”. There are almost 300 members. It is a closed group which means that persons desiring to join must be vetted and only those who are members can view what is posted. Because it is a closed group, it is easier to manage and monitor for trolling by unscrupulous persons. It is meant to be a resource and a place where questions can be asked. Surviving Spouses regardless of the rank of their military members as well as family members may join. It is important that persons desiring to join the group answer the questions that are asked when making application for membership. 

Anyone interested in more information about the Surviving Spouses Virtual Chapter can contact:

Micki Costello, SSAC, Co-Chair SSVC 214-770-4140

Gail Joyce, BOD, Co-Chair SSVC

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